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Welcome to BRS Music.

Welcome to BRS Music. Take a look and listen to our materials and keep checking with us for future releases.

You are listening to Coyote Dances by William Campbell. This contemporary piece has great spirit. Each section of your band is presented in this selection. A great piece for contest.

Check out Passacaglia and Fugue by Donald Coakley. This is a major work that shows great compositional craft.

Spring time approaches and you need to feature your seniors. Try some of these items for soloist and band. Listed below are some of our selections for soloist and band.


R. Christopher Teichler presents A Farewell, a melodic piece ideal for memorial and graduation programs. This would also be suitable for more advanced level bands for a quick preparation and performance.


  • Dance Episode  by Donald Coakley is written in the dorian mode
  • Lyric Essay for String Orchestra, by Donald Coakley is designed to exploit the rich sound of the string orchestra


  • The Little Shepherd, for Flute Choir taken from “The Children's Corner” by Claude Debussy and features a solo flute throughout. This is easy preparation but the piece requires delicate control from all players.
  • Contrapunctus V for flute choir is from the Art of the Fugue. Arranger Bruce R. Smith has prepared this fine arrangement.


Intervention by Joni Greene is an excellent piece for the college or professional flutist. Give a listen to this piece.

A performance of Crazy Cat Lady by B. Allen Schulz can be seen on YouTube (linked from the product page). Are you a brave flutist with a desire for an unusual musical presentation?


From the Art of the Fugue, Contrapunctus V for mixed clarinet quartet has been prepared by Bruce R. Smith.  This arrangement is ideal for your clarinet group.


Gary Bricault has new arrangements for alto saxophone with piano. Salut d’Amour is by Edgar Elgar. Also listen to Tuscan Serenade for Alto Saxophone and Piano. 


This is the month for your saxophone choir! Four new arrangements for saxophone choirs are available: 

All four are arranged by composer Gary Bricault.


  • Give a listen to Promenade by R. Christopher Teichler. This begins with a lovely clarinet solo. Great melody throughout. This was performed at the Midwest Clinic.
  • Also, if you have a good French horn section, check our Fanfare and Remembrance by Stephen Main. A great piece for the full orchestra.


Beginning Solos for the Trumpet, is a collection of four solos from very easy to easy grade 2 level. The selections are Variations, By George, My Premier Piece, and Piece No. 4. This comes with the solo score plus a judge’s copy of the score plus the piano part. All selections are numbered for contest participation.


Check out the following selection:

  • Five Landscapes for brass quintet by Jeff Cortazzo.
  • For brass quintet check out North by J. D. Cavanagh. A three movement piece that will impress players and audiences.


    The purpose of the pieces in the Multi-level Series is to give the teacher short compositions that deal with technical problems that relate directly to the playing of string instruments, and also musical problems that are common to all instruments. Within this context, the compositions are designed to involve not only the advanced students who would be confronted with the technical problem presented in each piece, but also beginners and less advanced students. Most compositions can be used in the classroom or in a concert setting.

    Two new selections are available in this series. Heavy Walker and Scaly Things present teaching opportunities for string groups with various levels of student progress.


    Composers/Arrangers should check our Submissions link at the bottom of this page. We would be happy to look at any material that is of publication quality. Maybe it is time for you to be published. Use the contact us link to tell us what you're interested in publishing.


    Use the contact us for information on dealer policy. Send us your address information and we will contact you about ordering from BRS Music, Inc.

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A Short Tale Describing the Day Ms. Eunice Weatherbee's Classroom Was Overtaken By the High Seas
A Short Tale Describing the Day Ms. Eunice Weatherbee's Classroom Was Overtaken By the High Seas
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Alpha Piece
Alpha Piece
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Opus Esoterica Op. 18b
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